AMTEC: First Aid Simulator

VR based learning simulator

Client:AMTEC Kazan
Mission: сreate a tool for first aid training

AMTEC Kazan is a training center where doctors and medical staff can be trained in various fields of medicine, including those related to the use of modern technologies in healthcare. Traditionally, methods of first aid are studied using lecture materials and dummies. The disadvantage of such training is the lack of feedback for the student. VR simulator allows you to realistically recreate situations where a person needs medical care. Immersion in the process allows you to effectively train people with any type of information perception. This gives a high efficiency result compared to traditional teaching methods.



The simulator’s location is the school office. The student is in the role of a school teacher. During the lesson, the student became ill as a result of an allergic reaction. The student needs to provide first aid to the student. Two modes: training and examination. Cut m exam is a test of knowledge of the student, to consolidate the material studied. This simulator proves that modern technologies improve the quality of training and the speed of learning. It is important to remember that in VR there are not terrible mistakes, at the cost of which in the real world become people’s lives.


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