MEGA: Feed MEGArobots

Scavenger robots for MEGA Mall

Client:MEGA Kazan
Service:Interactive, Creative
Objective: attract guests to the environmental problem, teach the separate collection of garbage

People forget how simple and important it is to take care of the purity of our planet. Together with MEGA Kazan, we implemented the project “Feed MegaBrobotov”, which draws the attention of visitors to the idea of ​​sorting and recycling waste.

The concept of interactive litter bins for garbage collection was developed. It is based on the idea of ​​robot helpers. Each robot with a unique appearance and voice is responsible for its own type of garbage: plastic, glass, metal, paper and unsorted waste. Our robots say thank you to everyone who threw the garbage right. We set the total waste bill.

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Feed Megarobot. For you. For us. For the planet. Thanks for the help.

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