MEGA. We are preparing something new

The future appearance of the shopping center is in the format of virtual reality


“We are preparing something new”, with this motto the global updates of the food court take place in MEGA Kazan .It was necessary to tell and to show visitors how the future food court will look like.
That’s why we built a promo stand with a zone called chromakey. A large diode screen was installed there , attracting the attention of all visitors in the CC (comercial center). And in order to send visitors to travel on the future food court, used the technology VR (virtual reality). The VR ( virtual reality ) technology was used to send visitors to travel on the future food court .





Anyone could go on a tour of the future food court , and order lunch in a virtual restaurant, have a talk with a guide robot , and participate  in a speed races.




More than 2300 visitors participated in the attraction and 10 times more of them became spectators. 236 virtual hamburgers were eaten and 324 glasses of virtual lemonade were drunk for 32 days. More than 90% of participants rated the project of the future food court, putting  the score “excellent”.

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